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A Spring Reflection

Wow, it is amazing how fast the year has goes by! Although it seems like it was just yesterday when the fish received their Corps brass, in reality summer break is almost here!

While the focus of the fall semester is on acquainting the freshman class with the Corps lifestyle, the aim of the spring semester is to foster outfit unity. One of the main ways that Squadron 6 improves its unity is through competing in Corps-wide competitions such as this year's annual outfit race, the Bloody Cross. Due to this year's Quad renovations however, this year's Bloody Cross was held at Kyle Field. Because of this venue change, each outfit had to run to the top of Kyle Field and return to the bottom twice as part of the race. Although this element of the race definitely added some new challenges, the outfit was able to keep motivation high with some hard chargin’ jodies, and as a result Squadron 6's raw time placed it at 12th place out of the 44 outfits across the Quad

Off the Quad, Squadron 6 had the opportunity to further its team-building efforts through volunteering at the Millican Reserve Ultramarathon and Trail Race in College Station. Throughout this event current cadets braved the cold weather, manned aid stations, and directed the competitors through the course. While the coordinators expressed their gratitude for the help, everyone from the outfit was simply happy to serve the Bryan-College Station community.

In addition to these group activities, five sophomores from Squadron 6 also distinguished themselves through being selected as delegates to the 13th Annual Nichols Rising Leader Conference. During this conference these five cadets will have the opportunity to work with other sophomores across the Quad, learn new leadership techniques, and propose positive changes for the Corps through direct conversations with the Commandant.

Ultimately, as we look forward to the end of the semester, we are glad that everyone, whether they are currently in the outfit or are members of its extended network, have cause to be proud of the outfit's recent achievements and its aspirations for the future.

Hope Carter is a member of the fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2018 from San Antonio, TX. Hope is an International Studies major with a focus in the politics and diplomacy of the Middle East.

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