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Preparation For A Life of Service

Squadron Six has made its mark in the Corps through preparing its cadets for careers in public service. While the most important element of this preparation is the academic success of our cadets, this is only the beginning of what we offer. We have also had the privilege of bringing in current and former members of organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The United States Air Force, and state and local law enforcement. What is special about many of these presenters is that many of them are former savages. Their example has inspired current cadets to push themselves and open their minds to the possibilities available to them to serve their country through a career in public service.


Although we are committed to preparing our current cadets for a future career in public service, we also make it a priority to serve our community in the present moment. Our outfit has fulfilled this goal through volunteering at local elementary schools, raising funds for local cultural centers, annually participating in The Big Event. In addition, we encourage our cadets to participate in service events organized by “Off-The-Quad” student organizations. In recognition of this commitment to serving others, Squadron Six has been awarded the Robert M. Gates award for public service in recent years. If you are interested in living up to the higher calling of serving others at the local, state, or national level then we invite you to join us.

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