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While everyone in the outfit takes great pride in their work, that doesn’t mean that they forget the value of strong relationships. Outside of freshman-class specific bonding opportunities, we make sure to promote camaraderie both during training times and in our daily interactions with one another. The outfit has fielded both competitive and recreational intramural teams in a wide variety of sports. In addition, throughout our training process we constantly emphasize the importance of relying upon one another. Ultimately, we are proud that each member of the outfit strives to uphold the core values of loyalty and unity through treating their fellow outfit members with respect, no matter what rank they hold.

We have found that one of the best ways to promote a strong community is through our official outfit BBQ’s before each home football game. Not only does everyone work together to prepare this family meal, but it also provides a space for current cadets to take a step back from the worries of school and relax with one another. Furthermore, these BBQ's are a great time for the families of current cadets and our alumni network to engage with and invest in the outfit. The next time you come to College Station to cheer on the Aggies please stop by, meet the many unique members of the outfit, and get a feel for what we’re all about.  


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