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Here in Squadron Six, we take academics very seriously. Not only do we understand that doing well in college is an essential prerequisite for gaining a job today, we also believe that the primary purpose of being at Texas A&M is to gain a world-class education. In order to reach the goal of maximizing our cadets' academic potential, we ensure that all cadets attend the academic resources offered by the Corps and we enforce established study times so that the our freshmen can adjust to the rigors of college coursework. Furthermore, we encourage our upperclassmen to mentor freshman and sophomore cadets in their studies.


The results of these practices have been remarkable. Currently, the outfit has a total, cumulative GPA that exceeds the university average and is one of the highest in the Corps of Cadets. Nevertheless, despite these impressive results, we are still actively searching for new ways to support our students in their pursuit of their academic goals.



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