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Adventure in Europe

In this interview, Carl Ivey III relates his experience studying abroad in Germany during the fall. Carl Ivey is a junior history major from College Station, TX, and he is currently serving in Squadron 6 as a Platoon Sergeant.

Q: What motivated you to study abroad in Hamburg?

A: I have always been interested in the Germans’ language and culture. Because of this, I dreamed of ultimately getting the chance to visit the country. When I learned about the Corps’ exchange with the Bundeswehr Universität in Hamburg I jumped on the opportunity and didn’t look back.

Q: What was your favorite experience studying abroad?

A: My favorite experience was being able to witness the culture of Germany firsthand, try new things, and travel. The best part of traveling throughout Europe is how easy it is to access other countries in the European Union.

Q: What is the most important thing you learned from studying in Hamburg?

A: I learned to broaden my horizons and open my mind to new avenues of thinking. Meeting the local people, and people from other parts of Europe, (mostly Brits), as well as having the opportunity to discuss various topics with them allowed me understand the Europeans’ perspective on major international issues and compare their worldviews to the ones I was taught in the United States.

Q: What were some challenges you faced studying abroad, and how did you overcome them?

A: Some of the challenges we faced while on our study abroad included getting accustomed to the cultures and getting used to navigating foreign cities that none of us had ever set foot in. The way we overcame these obstacles was through getting into daily routines of some kind (this was harder when we traveled but was for the most part successful), pre-planning and triple-checking travel routes, and above all else being ready to adapt. We learned that a lot of variables could go wrong on a train ride across Germany.

Q: If you could give any advice to Cadets wanting to, or considering, studying abroad, what would it be?

A: A few pieces of advice for those who want to study abroad: be prepared for anything, be ready to adapt, and also be a little spontaneous. Travel around Europe as much as possible, open your eyes to different cultures and be sure to sample the food while you’re there.


Pearson McCreary is a sophomore Nuclear Enginering Major from College Station, TX. He is currently serving in Squadron Six as a Public Relations Corporal.

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